Group 5 The Willowbrook Hepatitis Study  Edit

February 19th, 2015

Group 5 Participants:Edit

Brooke Shroades

Katie McKee

Andrea Newsom

Anika Pippin


Dr. Saul Krugman and his colleagues from Williowbrook State School conducted the Willowbrook Hepatitus Study. The study took place in Staten Island, New York in 1955. Over 700 children were involved. The students were housed into two groups. Current residents were experimented on first and more children came later. There were two groups involved. One group was the control group and the other groups were experimental groups. The study lasted for over 15 years. The intention of the study was to protect children from Hepatitis. According to Sherry (2014), the image below is the Willowbrook State School.

Willowbrook bw

Willowbrook State School

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